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Meet Shenlei Winkler aka: Shenlei Flasheart in Sl

Posted by Elaine Polvinen on November 25, 2007


Shenlei Flasheart in Second Life.

Shenlei Winkler combines 20 years of couture and mass market fashion design experience with 10 years of technical marketing experience with value added resellers. She successfully secured multi-million dollar funding for several large scale science & technology projects at the astrophysics department at the University of Chicago.


 Shenlei Winkler in RL

As a fashion designer, Winkler designed and sold multiple styles to the #1 global retailer, resulting in more than $30MM in sales per collection. She created a profitable virtual world fashion business that currently sustains a five-island complex in Second Life. Winkler founded and now directs the Fashion Research Institute, Inc. (, which collaborates on projects ranging from developing a virtual world product design PLM enterprise solution with IBM, virtual world-based fashion design curriculum development with Buffalo State University, to developing a virtual world-based business-to-business portal for American leather tanneries with the American Leather Chemists’ Association. Her current projects include joint development projects with IBM, comprehensive redesign of sizing standards for cold weather hand wear, and development of an engineered eco-textile that uses waste biomass, is fully biodegradeable, and can be commercially produced.

Here is a brand new link for a video that was just completed showing you the Shengri La 5 island complex.

I was fortunate to view one of her recent historically inspired fashion shows. Here is a FLICKR link to some of the fashions. Here is a link to a Webpage that will show you videos of some of her Prim & Proper fashions. Here is a link to my blog entry about the show.
Here is a link to her Website.

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